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Queen’s University Scholarships In Canada 2024

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Queen’s University Scholarships In Canada 2024, such as their focus on academic excellence, their commitment to supporting future leaders, and their dedication to diversity and inclusion.

Applications are invited for the Queen’s University Scholarships In Canada 2024. The Last Date to Apply for the Queen’s University Scholarships is May 2024. In order to honor and encourage its students, Queen’s University, which is based in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, offers a variety of scholarships and awards. Students might be interested in learning more about the numerous scholarship options offered at Queen’s University as the 2024 academic year draws near.

All faculties of Queen’s University offer scholarships for undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students. Some of these scholarships are created for students with financial difficulties or for those pursuing certain fields of study, while others are merit-based and given based on academic accomplishment.

Queen’s University also provides a number of faculty-specific scholarships for students interested in pursuing particular fields of study, including the School of Business Scholarship and the School of Computing Scholarship. These awards offer focused assistance to students pursuing careers in particular disciplines.

Queen’s University Scholarships In Canada 2024 Summary

  • Country: Canada
  • University: Queen’s University
  • Eligible Countries: Developing countries
  • Degrees:  Bachelor’s and Masters


Merit-based Queen’s University scholarships

A number of need-based scholarships are also available from Queen’s University, including the Queen’s University Access Bursary, which is intended to assist students who are having financial difficulties. These grants can offer vital assistance in helping students pay for their tuition, books, and living costs.


Available Courses

Undergraduate programs: At Queen’s University include popular fields such as Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, History, Mathematics and Statistics, Nursing, Political Science, and Psychology, among others.

Graduate programs at Queen’s University include Master’s and Ph.D. programs in fields such as Business Administration, Computer Science, Education, Engineering, Health Sciences, Law, and more.

Application Deadline

The Last Date to Apply for the Queen’s University Scholarships is May 2024.

How To Apply?

  • Canada Scholarships The  Queen’s University Scholarships 2023 includes an online application form.
  • Complete an online form and email or upload the necessary files.
  • For further details about the  Queen’s University Scholarships and the application procedure, kindly click the “Official Website.


Official Website.

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