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Russian Government Scholarship 2024 To Study For Free In Russia

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The Russian government scholarship 2024 to study for free in Russia, which is the largest funded scholarship in Russia and Europe, as it provides a stipend and accommodation, is now open to students around the world for free application if you want to study in Russia.

Russian Government Scholarships 2024, in which many students are accepted every year through us, so see the features, conditions, start and end dates for registration and then apply for free. free.

Or if you want to apply directly without reading the full details from here. 

The Embassy of Russia and the Russian government invite students around the world to apply for a scholarship from the Russian government in the academic year 2024/2025. The scholarships are sponsored by the Government of the Russian Federation and allow students to obtain higher education at a Russian university. The scholarships cover tuition fees and accommodation. Aspirants are advised that the language of instruction is Russian or English, and in this regard if you wish to study in Russian, there is a mandatory one-year language preparation program.

The Russian scholarship accepts a large number of students annually, which is more than 15 thousand students who will be accepted into this scholarship in the best Russian universities and in many medical, engineering, and all literary specialties without an IELTS or TOEFL language certificate.

With the exception of the free language preparatory program in the first year, the duration of study is usually 4 years (bachelor’s degree) or 5 years (specialized for medical programs). Or two years (Master’s degree). Or 4 years (PhD degree).



  • Country: Russia.
  • City: It varies depending on the university you want to apply to.
  • Donor: Russian Government – Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Through the website (Study in Russia)
  • Countries available to apply: All countries of the world are available to apply for Russian government scholarships.
  • Educational level: BSC,Masters, Ph.D.
  • Scholarship name: Russian Government Scholarships
  • Application timeline: November 1, 2023.
  • Number of scholarships available: A large number of more than 15,000 students will be accepted into this scholarship.

Universities available to apply

When applying, and depending on your specialisation, you can choose and compare between 6 Russian universities, it is up to you.

Available specialisations

All specialties such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering, faculties of arts, economics, all their sub-specialties and most specialisations you can imagine.


Features of the Russian State Free Scholarship include:

  1. Free tuition fees for the duration of study.
  2. Free accommodation.
  3. There is no age requirement.
  4. There is no total
  5. You do not need a language certificate to study.
  6. A one-year preparatory program for studying the Russian language.

Required Documents

  1. High school or university certificate.
  2. Photograph.
  3. Transcript (from your school or college).
  4. passport.
  5. Personal motivation letter

How to apply for the scholarship?

  1. You must apply directly for the scholarship from here.
  2. Waiting for initial acceptance to take an interview or exam determined by the cultural centre or embassy in your country.
  3. The names of those accepted will be published in a file on the official website or communicated with you via WhatsApp.
  4. Prepare all your files translated into Russian, print the scholarship file, and arrange everything for travel to Russia.

Note: If you are enrolled in the last year, you can apply whether you are in high school and want to apply for a bachelor’s degree, or if you are in the last year of a bachelor’s degree and want to apply for a master’s degree. You can apply, just attach proof of that.

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