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Warwick Chancellor’s International Scholarships

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Warwick Chancellor’s International Scholarships; The University of Warwick, frequently ranked among the top institutions in the United Kingdom, has long encouraged international research and academic collaboration. The Warwick Chancellor’s International Scholarships are one of its most famous programs in this area. The university designed this program to attract the best international talent to its research areas. Here’s a full look at the scholarship, including its significance, qualifying conditions, application details, and benefits.


The Warwick Chancellor’s International Scholarship is more than a financial award; it is a recognition of international academic excellence, a commitment to fostering global research collaborations, and a testament to the University of Warwick’s commitment to cultivating a culturally diverse academic environment. This program is a journey toward global academic recognition for international academics, not just a path to a world-class education.

A Brief History

Warwick University established the Chancellor’s International Scholarships to increase its global presence. They serve two primary purposes. To begin, it recognizes international students’ academic brilliance by providing a platform for them to do new research. Second, it highlights the University’s goal of developing a diverse academic community rich in varied cultures and ideas.

Eligibility Criteria

Before beginning the application process, prospective scholars must ensure that they meet the following criteria:

  • Nationality and Fee Status: The university mostly awards scholarships to international students. In most cases, candidates should have an ‘overseas’ designation for tuition fee purposes.
  • The Study Plan: Applicants must apply for a Ph.D. (or an equivalent research program). This grant is not available for undergraduate or taught master’s programs.
  • Academic Caliber: Given the competitive nature of this scholarship, having an outstanding academic record is essential.

Prestigious Benefits

The Warwick Chancellor’s International Scholarships are more than just a source of income; they also provide access to a wide range of opportunities:

  • Notably, the scholarship covers the entire international tuition fee, reducing a significant financial burden.
  • Maintenance stipend for 3.5 years at the current UKRI rate. We will cut your financing period proportionally if you apply while still in your first year of study.
  • A £5,000 Research, Training, and Supporting Grant (RTSG) is provided.
  • Stipend for Living Expenses: Scholars are also provided with a stipend to assist them in managing their living expenses in the United Kingdom.
  • Receiving this accolade requires becoming a member of a small group of scholars. This is beneficial not only to academics but also to networking, as it allows for multidisciplinary connections and friendships.
  • The fellowship is designed to endure the average length of a Ph.D. program, ensuring scholars’ financial security during their research journey.

How to Apply

It is strongly recommended that applications be prepared well in advance, as it is not normally possible to complete and submit an application in less than 36 hours.

  • Go through the Applicant Guidance Notes. and the PGR Ranking Criteria.
  • Send in your course application and any accompanying documentation.
  • An automated email containing a 7-digit applicant ID number will be sent to you. Please wait for at least 48 hours to receive it.
  • Create an ITS applicant account.
  • Submit all necessary documents by the document deadline. We apologize that, for whatever reason, we are unable to accept late supporting documents.
  • The results of the Chancellor’s International Scholarship will be emailed to recipients by the beginning of March 2023.


Course Application Deadline – 12 December 2023

Scholarship Application Deadline – 14 December 2023

Supporting Document Deadline – 5 January 2024

Official Website

Apply now by clicking the link to the official website:

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